Social Minds Club

Social Minds Club
For Kids (7-12) & Teens (13-17)

Social Minds Programs for kids and teens with autism

The SMC is designed to:

Social Minds Club has been designed to help Kids & Teens with Social Challenges foster confidence and learn skills to assist them with navigating their social world.

We have combined parts of our evidence-based programs including Peers, Secret Agent Society, Social Explorers & Zones of Regulation into a program that is informal in its approach and allows a free-flowing session that is flexible and based on the student’s goals in each of the groups.

Our Social Minds Club (SMC) will be modified based on the students enrolled on the program and all groups will be created according to age, gender (Teen Girls & Teen Boys) interests and goals.

Session Days/Times: 

Our sessions are run after school (Mon-Fri) & on Saturdays, with some of the sessions occurring at our Centre in Camden, Gregory Hills and excursions in other social settings out in the community. E.g. At a local cafe, the local cinemas, bowling, shopping centres or play centres.

Prices: $65 for 60 minutes 

-This program is NDIS Funded for Plan Managed and Self Managed participants. You don’t have to be an NDIS Participant to join.

*Please note excursions will be an added cost as well as non-face-to-face costs according to the NDIS guidelines*

Social Minds Club for kids and teens

Our Social Minds Social Club Groups will cover the following;

-Recognising emotions in themselves & others

-Expressing thoughts & feelings in appropriate ways

-Strategies to manage a variety of emotions

-Strategies for maintaining long-term friendships

-Navigating bullying, rumours & gossip

-Maintaining free-flowing conversations

-Entering/exiting conversations

-Electronic Communication

-Boys and girls – Navigating all Social & Physical problems related to our genders

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Zones of Regulation program for children needing help regulating their emotions
Our Zones Of Regulation Program

This program is designed for students who struggle with self-regulation. The curriculum is geared towards helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities.