SuperFlex Social Thinking 5-10 YRS

SuperFlex Social Thinking

For ages 5-10 years

Social Minds SuperFlex Social Thinking Program

The purpose of the curriculum

Good Social Skills can be defined as “adapting effectively in each context”, meaning we have to read the hidden social rules in each context and then regulate our physical presence, eyes, language, emotions, reactions etc. This requires highly flexible thinking. While some children learn to do this somewhat effortlessly, our students have challenges recognising and applying these concepts to demonstrate social cooperation.

Thus the SST curriculum has developed a superhero named “SuperFlex” and the “team of unthinkable” to contrast for students when we are using our “social Smarts” (e.g., using our internal Superflex Powers) versus when our brains are getting sidetracked less socially.

The curriculum is designed to:

Students learn how to become flexible superheroes through engaging and motivating activities. The SuperHero Social Thinking curriculum (SST) aims to provide Social Thinking Concepts while increasing knowledge of social expectations, awareness of their behaviour and how to modify their behaviour with super flexible strategies.

Many Neurodiverse children with Autism, ADHD, ODD or other social-emotional challenges have rigid thinking. They have trouble shifting their thoughts or plans around the plans of others to adapt to the social world around them. This ultimately makes being part of a group that much more challenging.

Our students have difficulty monitoring and regulating their behaviours at the moment. This curriculum provides a fun forum to explore their challenges and identify ways to modify their thoughts and behaviours in different settings.

Skills Taught in the Program:

-Good and Bad thoughts
-Thinking about others
-Whole body listening
-Following hidden rules
-Reading social cues

and much more!

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