Terms & Conditions BusConnect

Bus Connect by Social Minds Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read our terms and conditions prior to accepting them via the registration form.

If you are self funded (not funded by NDIS), fees are required to be paid via direct debit. Direct debit payments occur from your nominated debit card, credit card or bank account. We offer the following 3 direct debit schedules:

Full Term

The total program fee for the whole term is debited in one payment. This is a great option if you wish to pay upfront and not have to worry about payments throughout the term.

Half Term

The given term is split into 2 payments. The first debit occurs at the beginning of term and the second debit occurs half way through the term.


Fees are debited a week in advance for the next upcoming 2 weeks. Therefore your account is always paid in advance by 2 weeks. This is a great pay as you go option.

Unpaid Fees

Social Minds has a zero policy for unpaid fees. Self funded program fees must be paid prior to your scheduled session. If your fees remain unpaid, your enrolment will need to be cancelled and the two week notice period will still apply from the cancellation date.

Our direct debits are processed by Payrix who charge a transaction fee. We like to be upfront and make you aware of these fees rather than keep them hidden, so here they are:

Bank Account (RECOMMENDED)

A flat rate transaction fee of 0.88c

(+ a flat rate onetime compliance fee of 0.33c. This is for Payrix to securely hold your bank account information)

Visa & MasterCard Fees

A flat rate transaction fee of 0.33c + 1.87% of total transaction amount


A flat rate transaction fee of 0.33c + 3.85% of total transaction amount

Failed Debit Fees

A flat rate transaction fee of $5.50 if funds were not available to debit. We provide our families with a direct debit schedule each term so you know the dates in which debits will occur on so you can ensure funds are available to avoid this fee.

Fee Free Option?

Love2Learn Tutoring offers a fee free payment option of cash. If you wish to pay cash, we require an upfront payment for the full term or 2 equal half term payments. Payment must be received in advance of program sessions.

Please Note: We do not accept fortnightly cash payments.

We do not require a full term commitment, however out of respect to other students who may wish to use our service we do require 2 weeks notice and do not allow for refunds for cancellations.

For our BusConnect Service, we require 2 weeks notice that you wish to cancel your ongoing bookings. During the 2 week notice period, the student is still able to use ur service as fees are still required to be paid.

We require this 2 weeks notice as our route will therefore need to change and a new student will be added onto our BusConnect Service after 2 weeks.

Short Notice/Cancellation/No-Show Policy

Unfortunately despite being given notice, we are unable to offer you a refund for our drop off and pick up service at this stage. If your child is sick or isn’t required to be picked up we do ask that you inform us as soon as possible.

Our bus driver is responsible for the safe drop off and pick up of all students booked into our BusConnect Service. They are however no longer responsible after the child enters the school grounds or enters their home. For the safety of the Children, we ask that parents carefully consider if their child is being dropped off at home to have their child contact them or if a tracking device be set up on their devices for their safety. Our bus driver will contact you in an emergency or should your child not be ready for pick up. 

We ask that you inform the school of this service to ensure a smooth process. 

For the safety of our staff and students, we will have CCTV cameras in our bus and do have a dashcam at the front and back of the vehicle. Footage will only be viewed when necessary and will be deleted after 30 days.